Time Swap - Watford Project

How the Time Dollar/Time Swap idea came to Watford
*Time Swap concept was invented as Time Dollars in the USA by Edgar Cahn.
 The program, named Timekeeper, was created by Kent Gordan. Kent's
 compensation  for creating Timekeeper and making it available at no charge 
 to Time Dollar  organisations, has been in Time Dollars. 

*Edgar Cahn, at the invite of the Urban Health Partnership and New 
 Economics Foundation came to London in October 1997, to explain how
 the idea works in the USA.

*We thought Time Dollars would help us to work in a different way so we
 included it in  our proposal to be part of the National Better
 Government for Older People programme.

*To suit UK terminology we are calling Time Dollars Time Swap and as we
 intend to open  it up to include personal interests and hobies we
 are looking at it as a club.

*5th of June 1998 was the official launch of the National Programme -
 Watford is one of 28 Authorities across the UK chosen to be part of
 this initiative. We are now making Time Swap real.

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