Time Swap - Watford Project

What Time Swap is about for Watford's part in Better Government for Older People National Programme

A new kind of reward for a new kind of work Based on 6 principals, values?

	1.	"Everyone wants to and can make a contribution".

	2.	"I'll help you but I need your help". To build a
		reciprocating culture across the town.

	3.	Expand the definition of work  "You don't have to earn 
		money for a task to be called work".

	4.	Idea of generating goods and services in a non financial
		way (social capital) when financial capital is not 

	5.	Older People do not want to be patronised.

	6.	Older People have a wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise
		and time that we all need to use to achieve social improvements.
         	"Do we need to throw away old people?".

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