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How the Time Swap club Works

*As a member of Time Swap you use your time as currency.

*As a member every hour you spend helping someone (or the Council) you get an hours credit in the Time Swap Bank.

*Everyone's time is equal - One hour of your time is worth the same as anyone else. You give an hour and you get an hour back.

*To take part you don't need special qualifications, you don't need money .

*Your time swap credits are banked on a computer - You will receive regular statements with details of how many hours are in your account along with a Newsletter.

*You can spend credits on rewards or you can donate them to another person or organisation eg. your church, club etc.

*The bank will negotiate the rewards with organisations.

*The best rewards are the ones that involve people giving their time to help others.

Examples - How has time swap worked else where?

*In the USA legal firms give hour for hour legal advice to groups or individuals paid for in time/swap credits. (We have a local legal firm in the project).

*Companies donate their old computers to the bank - this is used to generate social hours - a young person can earn time swap credits helping an older person do their shopping or cutting the grass and is rewarded with the computer.

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