Watford Project

"Choice, Independence and Influence"

Watford was chosen to be part of a national government pilot programme in 1998 entitled "Better Government for Older People". The project was part of a government initiative to improve public services for older people and give older people a say in how services should be run.

The government recognised that there is an untapped fund of knowledge, expertise and energy present in the older members of the population. This project was one of 29 undertaken nationally by local authorities.

Each project was individual to that Authority and dealt with a specific area of activity of older people's requirements which are currently being met by the voluntary and State sectors. In Watford's case we covered the food area eg. meals on wheels, shopping, cooking etc. and by means of our Time Swap initiative tapping the fund of knowledge, expertise and energy mentioned above.

The national pilot ended in July 2000. Here in Watford the program will continue on a permanent basis, using the lessons learned in the pilot, under the auspices of a committee entitled Watford Senior Citizens Forum.

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