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Press Release 29/11/05

The Watford Senior Citizens Forum is a voice for the elderly. We are elderly ourselves. We work to ensure that the elderly and the frail people of Watford have a voice in deciding how and what services the statutory authorities deliver to them. We do this by attending the various public meetings held by the NHS, Primary Care Trust, Town Planning, the new Health Campus etc. and speaking up so that their voice is heard and taken notice of.

The Forum meetings are held monthly and all the over 55’s can attend and put their views and concerns. Our meetings are informal with a speaker on a relevant subject of interest to the elderly and of course the statutory tea and biscuits. Our membership is free and includes a quarterly newsletter giving the latest news and views on the happenings of interest to the elderly both locally and nationally, with tips tempered with humour. We produce and print the newsletter ourselves. We also have our own web site www.watfordscf.co.uk

We do our best to promote a healthy lifestyle enabling people to have a choice and an independent lifestyle for as long as possible in their own home. To this end we are organising a major event in the Colosseum on 26th April 2006 for senior citizens. The theme for this is Healthy Eating and Lifestyle and will include entertainment, exercises and old time dancing, free food, with free transport from a central pickup point, a fashion show for the over 55’s, and we hope a celebrity cook. Fairtrade tea and coffee will be served all day. There will be approximately 40 display stands from both the voluntary and statutory sectors which will offer advice and information for older people on issues that affect them, eg health and healthy lifestyles, benefits, retirement, sheltered housing, transport, home safety and pension service etc.

Our aim is to attract up to 1000 senior citizens from the 13,125 resident in Watford to the event. Major retail outlets in the town have offered valuable support. Direct funding and help in kind has been offered and is being sought from various sources.

Two things that we are researching at the moment are the lack of toilets accessible to members of the public, especially in places like Century Park and the Lower High Street. And the different colours, shapes and sizes of tablets on prescription, all for the same drug from different manufacturers. This is causing confusion for lots of elderly patients.

Press Release 14-3-06

The Watford Senior Citizens Forum is holding a Spring Fayre at the Colosseum Watford on Wednesday 26th April 2006 between 11am to 4pm. The theme of the day is Healthy Eating and Life Style for the Elderly

We have Cookery Demonstrations by Ladies in Pigs, (They are Pig Farmers Wives who help to promote the use of pig meat in cooking, and go around the country giving demonstrations to women’s groups etc). There will be ballroom and line dance demonstrations, Simple exercises for the elderly, as well as the Watford Warblers with some vocal entertainment.

The highlight is our over 50’s fashions show, we hope the audience will be able to “Discover the New You”, With the best of Watford’s fashions for the over 50’s We have in all 14 models of which 3 are men. All but one of the models has never been on a catwalk. They are all well over 50 years old. We had our first run through last week in the YMCA and none of the models said “It was not for them.” After a discussion on the theme of the day the models are now going to select two outfits from one of three stores in Watford to wear on the day. A second rehearsal has been planned when we hope to pull the show together and get the running order sorted so the compare knows what is going to happen next an who is wearing what. Every fashion show has music and ours is no exception, we have a couple of good people working on that as well. We have recruited people to assist back stage with dressing and make up.

The displays include Crime & Fire prevention, Home safety, Primary Care Trust and PALS. Advice on Benefits from Rights and Advice and the local CAB, Shop Mobility, Afro Caribbean club, Watford Allotments & Leisure, Information about Retirement and Sheltered Housing. Plus clubs and organisations that members of the public can join.

WSCF has been working with the Watford CVS & the Volunteer Bureau for the past 12 months, in putting together bids for funds to put the event on with great success. This has enabled us to offer free refreshment to the people attending the event. The Volunteer bureau has also helped us find people to assist in the planning and practical assistance on the day .

We also have to thank the Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill for her encouragement and assistance with the event.

We only have a few tables available should you wish to promote your services to the community.

For more information please contact: John Grainger Secretary, 01923 234 004

Revised 24/2/2006