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Which is the right Pill?


Our pills display board showing various shapes, colours and sizes of packages and the pills themselves.

Many Watford Senior Citizens Forum members have complained about problems with identifying prescription drugs, now that the chemists are encouraged by the NHS to use drugs manufactured by other suppliers in different parts of the world.

We have had stories of members, family and carers getting confused as to what drug they have been given by the chemist. Many people are on a cocktail of drugs, and remembering what time of day to take different drugs is bad enough, but when the colour, shape and or size of the drug varies over repeat prescriptions, this can lead to great confusion, with the worry about taking the wrong drug at the wrong time of day, or double dosing.

What we, the Watford Senior Citizens Forum would like to know is if you have any first hand knowledge of this problem and we would be grateful if you would share your experience with us and help with our campaign

You can contact us by e-mail and we will post your comments here to assist the campaign

Our e-mail address is lvtom@toucansurf.com

Thank you for your assistance.

Updated 12/3/08