Watford Senior Citizens Forum

September 2002
From The Chair
Hello Everyone!
I do hope that you are all enjoying the Summer, and your holidays. The Forum has kept busy throughout, with well attended meetings and activities.

We now have our own web site, thanks to Len Tomlinson. You can find it on www.watfordscf.co.uk. Please do have a look at it, and tell your friends about it as well. We are very proud to have this Website, which would not have come into being without Len. Many thanks to him!

Winston Gosin represented us at the Pensioners Parliament in Blackpool recently, and we all thought that he was the ideal person to send. As well as obviously enjoying it all he was a very good ambassador for our Forum.. He gave us a very interesting ( and amusing) report.

Our Transport group are busy, and are arranging a meeting with Nick Knox of Arriva Busses to try to get sorted out problems that you have brought to our attention. There are a whole host of things that people are not happy about, and will do our level best to resolve, please keep the info coming in. We will keep you up to date.

The Health group are also very busy. Two of them are now Patients Representatives on the Patients Advise and Liaison Service (PALS) at Watford General Hospital, attending meetings, and speaking up for the older patients. Another one of their tasks is to go on hospital inspections with the Patient Environmental Action Teams

( PEATS) at hospitals within the Trust-Watford General, Mount Vernon, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans City.

We have had some very interesting speakers at our meetings, and have had a lot of great use from them. I do hope to be able to carry on finding people to ask. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would be very pleased to hear them (Tel. 01923-676108. Attendance at our meetings is very important, as this is where the work is planned, so please do try to come, and bring your friends. We all enjoy our meetings, and would like you to do the same.

Are you, or anyone you know nervous (or terrified) of going to the dentist? There are many people who have had bad and painful experiences, and now would rather put up with pain and misery rather than go to the dentist.

One of our members was recommended to have sedation to remove a painful tooth stump, and was amazed at what a painfree, serene experience it was. There were no after effects as with a general anaesthetic and it was all done with the minimum of fuss. A real step forward in dentistry!

Just a little word of thanks to Bibi Underwood for the delicious home made cakes that she brings to our meetings, for us to enjoy during teatime. They are much appreciated, as is proved by the fact that there is never a crumb left!

Shirley (Sanders )

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Did you Know ?
* Bus Pass prices in Watford will be the same as last year.
* Bus Passes will be smart cards, which will have the persons photograph on the pass.
* Information on bus passes can be obtained from the One Stop Shop. 01923 226400.
* There are over 9 million pensioners in England and over a million of them live in London.
* Over one in three pensioner lives alone.
* Nearly one in three pensioner live below the official poverty line.
* That it is always darkest before dawn, so if you are going to steal your neighbour's newspaper that is the time to do it.

New Bus Information Service
The new bus information service has beeng installed in the High Street where you can now input your journey and get a print out of options and scheduled times for the buses. This is a service provided by HCC Inter-link.

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Disabled Drivers Car Park Passes
A person who is registered as a disabled driver and is the holder of an Orange/Blue badge may apply for a car park pass. Conditions apply and is means tested. For details contact Linda Baker at The Parking Shop, 71-73 Market Street, WD18 0PS.

Equal Access Helpline
If disabled access is an issue, a problem or an obstacle for you or someone you care for, and you need advice, help or support then call the Helpline 01923 278545 Advice on disability and sickness benefits can be given.
Equal access is the principle of making all information, services and opportunities fully accessible to all people. The Council wants to make every effort to lead by example in upholding the rights of disabled people. For details ring the Helpline..

Gadget Aids
The Senior Citizens Forum is interested in any aids you have found that help you do something more easily. Have you found something that makes your life easier? Tell us, and we will tell others.

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Age Concern
Did you know 50% of people aged over 75 live alone? Could you help them feel less isolated? Why not become a volunteer visitor for Age Concern Hertfordshire and make a difference to an older persons' day in your local community. Receive out of pocket expenses and on going support. If you are interested telephone Maria or Susan on 01923 256361.

Contributions to the Newsletter
Has anyone a joke, tip, anecdote etc. to contribute. How about your favourite quick fix recipe?

Shirley Sanders Chairperson: - Tel. 01923 676 108
Muriel Gent Secretary: - Tel. 01923 674 440

Next Meetings
24th October. 2002
28th November 2002
2pm to 4pm Dale Court Sheltered Scheme, on the corner of Haines Way and Leavesden High Road.
Number 4 and number 10 buses stop outside.

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