Watford Senior Citizens Forum

The Forum has evolved from the 2 year Better Government for Older People project (BGOP) (click here for more information) , which started in 1999, and Watford was one of the 28 pilot towns. It's aim was to give all older people a say in things concerning them, and to make full use of all the wisdom, knowledge and experience they have gained over the years.
The Watford B.G.O.P. was originally totally organised and funded by Watford Borough Council, and regular monthly 'Partnership Time' sessions were held, open to all older people of the district. Since the end of the project, we have now re named ourselves the "Watford Senior Citizen's Forum" (WSCF or SCF), we are independent, and grant funded.

The Forum is made up of older people (over 50s), who just wish to do what we can to improve the lives of all the districts senior citizens.

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Updated 30/4/02