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Did You Know?

Bus Passes will be smart cards, which will have the persons photograph on the pass.

Information on bus passes can be obtained from the One Stop Shop. 01923 226400.

There are over 9 million pensioners in England and over a million of them live in London.

Over one in three pensioner lives alone.

Nearly one in three pensioners live below the official poverty line.

It is always darkest before dawn, so if you are going to steal your neighbour's newspaper that is the time to do it.

Welwyn Hatfield Council have a scheme called Reference Check with a telephone number you can call to find out the names of contractors that other people have used and have recommended. The number to call is;- 0500 0600 300.

There are many grants available to help people live in their own home for details see leaflet -"Disabled Facilities Grant". Copies should be available from the One Stop Shop or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

There is a scheme for disabled shoppers called 'Shopmobility'. It gives greater independence to people permanently, or temporary disabled, by loaning manual and battery-powered wheelchairs and scooters.The use of these are entirely free, you are just asked to make a donation, in order to keep the scheme going Their telephone numbers are: Church Car Park---01923-211020 Asda Superstore---01923-800590

ALERT. Free Scratch Cards, those that are found in magazines etc. get their prize money and profit from the telephone calls that you make to claim your prize. These calls cost you in excess of 60p per minute. "You don't get owt for nowt"

Musical Joke
How many jazz musicians does it take to change a light bulb?
1. None. Jazz musicians cannot afford a light bulb.
2. "Don't worry about the changes. We'll fake it!"

You can now bank at your local Post Office (if you have one) and draw your child benifit allowance?. There are a number of High Street banks who provide this facility there. You can cash personal cheques and make cash or cheque deposits there, or at the High street branch, entirely FREE. But you cannot get an overdraft! Get a leaflet from your Post Office.

Poppies in a battlefield, now this war is won.
But just as this one's ending, another has begun.

Poppies in a battlefield, soldiers lying dead.
Awhile ago they were standing, comfortable, warm and fed.

Poppies in a battlefield, the grass is stained with blood.
But as the rain came down and washed away the red
out of the ground came, a single bobbing poppy head.

Poppies in a battlefield,
I wish no more people would have to be killed and peace can be restored.
There are red poppy wreaths everywhere,
for men who laid down their lives for us and the wreaths show that we care.

By Elinor Beckford age 10, 10th November 2003.

Difficulty getting around?
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