Watford Senior Citizens Forum

Spring Fayre Contributors

Table Holders.

Entrance hall.
Watford Senior Citizens Forum.

Main Hall
Abbeyfield Sheltered House scheme. Table 3
Adjustamatic Table 13
Arthritis Care. Table 22
Bonmarche Table 21
Orbit Short Mat Bowls Club. Table 30
Cantabrica Table 35
Card making demonstration. Table 8
Civil Service Retirement Fellowship. Table 29
Community Transport. WCVS Table 39
Council Benefits Team. Table 24
Crime Prevention Officers. Table 11
Fairtrade Town Steering Committee. Table 20
Fire Service Home safety. Table 14
Friends of Cassiobury Park. Table 2
Make-up and Hairdressing Demonstration. Table 27
Memorabilia Table 26
Hospital Campus. Table 38
Library, Watford. Table 23
Lions Club (Message in a Bottle) Table 24
One Watford Table. 4
PALS and PPI. Table 1
Police Crime Prevention Officer. Table 10
Primary Care Trust. Tables 33 & 34
Towns Women Guild. Table 6
Three Valleys Water. Table 5
Victim Support Table 12
Veg Game. Table 28
U3A South West Herts Table 18
Wartime reminiscence project. Table 25
Watford Area Arts Forum. Table 16
Watford Asian Community Care Association Table 36
Watford and Bushey Arts Society Table 17
Watford Fire Museum Table 32
Watford Indoor Bowls club Table 4o
Watford Musical Heritage Table 37
Watford Senior Citizens Forum. Table in Entrance hall.
Watford U3A. Table 7
WBC Liesure Department. Table 15
West Herts Against Crime. Table 9
West Herts Bowls Club. Table 31

Side hall
Main food Table SH 1
MRCC food Table SH 2
Asian Care Association food Table SH 3
African Caribbean food Table SH 4
Ladies in Pigs Table SH 5

Quite Room Annex.
Age Concern. Table A1
Carers in Hertfordshire. Table A2
Sheltered House schemes. Table A3
Pension Service. Table A4
Council Benefits Team. Table A5
SSAFA. Table A6
C A B. Table. A7

The above list of table holders and table numbers are subject to change.
A standby list has been started for late requests.

The Colosseum.

Revised 18/4/06